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Start Flying Safely Today

Take the first step towards becoming a confident pilot.

What is a S.I.V. Course?

Simulations of incidents that can occur in real flight.

The course is designed with the aim of improving the quality of flight and the skill set of each pilot on an individual level.


It will equip you with the  knowledge to demonstrate the necessary skills that enable you to fly safely at all times.  How to correctly respond to any incident that can occur in flight, including how to fly safely in turbulent air.

The courses will be hosted in three different sites, Southern Spain in collaboration with Bornos Activo, Oludeniz, one of the most beautiful places to fly and Panticosa (Huesca Pirinees), in collaboration with Acción Pirineos. In our courses you'll have all the necessary facilities and safety equipment needed.

Under the guidance  of  Pablo Andreu Ocaña a professional acro paragliding pilot and instructor with over 15 years of experience.

Why do a S.I.V. Course ?

Become a confident pilot

Learn how to fly safely in thermal & turbulent conditions.

Easy, simple and safe

How to anticipate real flight incidents and rectify them within a safe environment.

Tailored to every level

You set the limit, every student will experience the course tailored to their needs and confidence level.


Southern Spain 

April 12th - 16th DONE💪


April 5th - 9th 8 places remaining

April 17th - 21th 8 places remaining




Oludeniz (Turkey) 

New dates coming soon!


Offer 990€ 


Panticosa (Pirinees) 

May 3rd - 7th DONE💪




Join us #sivspain

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I now have amazing confidence in my glider.  I'd never even left the mountain before.

Other Pilots have said that I look like a different pilot now.

Pablo is so professional, I really appreciated his enthusiasm and patience with everyone. 

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