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FIRST S.I.V. Course done!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

JUST GREAT.. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Fully booked, eight pilots, all at different levels and good weather. What more could one ask for?

Thursday, day one was full on, starting with the introduction, some theory and straight away jumping into ground excercises.

Friday, day two, the first flights, the pilots were so excited, really just an incredible group of people, the energy was Intoxicating! Part one of the course, assimetric collapses and pitch control and for one advanced pilot some acro excercises. By the second round, the ice was broken, everyone felt comfortable in what was expected from them. We continued with assimetric collapses but also introduce frontal collapses and the stall using B risers. The wind started picking up sorthly after and we had to stop midway. Weather bound we debriefed Part one & two of the course and started on theory for the next day.

Saturday day three, we had an early start trying to make up for time lost, we finished the second round for the pilots that couldnt finish the day before, then carried on to part three of the course completing all rapid descent maneouvers which included spirals. Ivan my one advanced pilot working on rotation control excersices which included the helico acro manouver.

We had a break for lunch and then back to the classroom for more theory. Late afternoon the wind picked up again, so...debrief day three and we called it a day. I was a bit apprehensive about the last day, we had to finish three rounds and I wasnt sure if it could be done weather permitting, forecast predicted rain for the afternoon.

Sunday, day four we started with round one first thing, the sun still lingering on the horizon, Paco and his team arrived with the boat ready to go. Part four of the course I introduced spins and of course MORE spirals. One student had his money´s worth by using his reserve after losing control during a spiral excersise and (safely) landed in the water. He didnt give up however, and was back up there trying again after letting his equipment dry.

The last two rounds of part four of the course is when I introduce the stall for those who feel they are ready. Its a scary maneouver especially for first time SIV Pilots, so I did my best to adapt to the level of each student. The weather was great, it was a lovely sunny afternoon. We pushed on, non stop, lunching on the take off, as we didnt want to miss the last round. Iván (advance level pilot) showed great progression, mastering dynamic stalls, spins, the misty as well as helicopters. An acro pilot in the making, very proud! It was time for round 3 our final round for the day as well as the course, I could see the pilots were mentally exhaused by this stage focussing all their energy on correcting the different excersices, was time to break away and allow them to use the final round on what they wanted to focus on or wanted to improve on.

We finished late afternoon, sucsessfully completing parts 1 to 4 of the course and most importantly everybody finished their course more confident in the air as when they started, each individual pilot with a higher confidence level, and of course happy, what a fun group. It was a great experience for me being able to teach in the sport I love - we did it thank you all for making this first course a sucess!

Looking foward to the next one! See you in the sky!

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