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Organya is magic!

Hello everyone, how are you?

Even if it's summer, we keep working!

We are in Organya, the paradise of aerobatic flying, and here we come every summer to continue training and progressing. Two students returned, this time to learn the basics of Acrobatics. They are Ivika from Croatia and Oliver from New Zealand.

Using the BASE parachute harness as a first resort in case of losing control, and under radio instructions, we started with Ivika a few days earlier with spirals on both sides, trying to understand the exits to make them clean. But he wanted more, so we got to work on the Backfly or stabilized stalls, one of the basic maneuvers of the Acro that we use to "reset" our glider in case of cravates or loss of control by making negative maneuvers. The first ones were a bit uncontrolled, but little by little and step by step he was taking the "feeling" of these and making them cleaner and more stable.

As a last maneuver, we start with the soft Wingovers, to understand the "timing" when braking and using the weight, it seems an easy maneuver, but it is not when the three axes of movement of the glider are joined.

Ivika is on the dark side of paragliding now, where speed, G-force and adrenaline come together to create this beautiful discipline of paragliding.

Oliver arrived a few days later. His level in the Acro was different, he came from coastal flying with dynamic wind and he didn't fly so much in thermal conditions. He already did wing overs and spirals, so we began to practice these maneuvers with different conditions from those of coastal flight.

After adapting to these conditions, we went on to the "BackFly", which were a bit difficult for him at first, but little by little he was understanding them better and stabilizing, but in one of them he lost the control, the paraglider shot down and couldn't stop it in time, finishing twisted and deep spiral. Thanks to the Acro harness, he used the BASE parachute, going to land safely at landingfield, and the glider fell right on clean area where it was easy to recover.

We had time to fold the parachute and keep flying until the end of the day. The next day, we started with the SAT, another basic maneuver of the Acro. And perfectly, he executed it for both sides.

Oliver, a new acro pilot "poisoned" by this discipline.

And with this, we have concluded until September, where we have the next SIV/Acro Course in Southern Spain, followed by another SIV/Acro Course in Oludeniz (Turkey) in October.

See you soon!

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