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The last one of the year!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

And here we are with the last course of the year. This time it was from October 21th to 23th, with six pilots coming from different parts of Spain, even from France and Fhilippines!

As a routine, we started on Thursday morning with the introduction of the course, personal interviews, lessons about how and when to use the reserve, and the first exercises, assimetric and frontal deflations with and without speedbar. Besides, we had a pilot who came to learn the basics of acro maneuvers.

A short break, and we get into the simulators for training the maneuvers, dropping parachutes and checking the equipments.

Ready to start the first round with Paco and Alex on the boat. It was a bit windy on the lake, so we decided to takeoff the pilot with the smallest glider, in this case, the pilot to training the first acro maneuvers, the SAT to both sides.

Two more pilots to fly, but the wind increased and we had to stop the round, so...back to the camping area for lessons.

The next day we started with those pilots who didnt finish the day before, practising assimetric and frontal deflations without speedbar, and pitch control before landing.

Second round, the acro pilot tried a SAT overcontrolling in the wrong moment, finishing twisted and in backfly, but he resolved right, what a pilot! The rest of the pilots practised deflations with speedbar.

We went back to lessons and watch the videos of the first two rounds, rested and back to the third round. It was time for the rapid descent maneuver, the B riser stall. Some pilots stopped the pitch of the glider, you see the glider pitching fast and the first reaction is brake, but this isnt totally correct because you could stall the wing. The acro pilot started with the first parachutes positions before the helico rotations. I have to say this maneuver is very difficult, you must have a good feeling with the brakes and glider because the glider is so sensitive. It was time to finish the day, but not before without checking the videos.

Last day, ready for the last two rounds, practising anticollision maneuver and spirals. For the acro pilot, he practised the enter, rotation and exit of the helicopters, combining with wingovers before landing.

In short, it was a perfect course, each pilot managed to improve the piloting level and most important thing, motivated to keep flying safety. See you next year, with another course in February!

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