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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We don't stop, the very next week October 7th till the 9th with another round of six pilots coming from all over the world, Andorra, Portugal, Belgium and even Argentina.

As always, we started bright and early with introductions over we started on the personal interviews establishing each individual pilot's level of flying and experience in order to adapt the exercises accordingly. For most of the group this was their first SIV Course, so the exercise plan would be easily enough roughly the same to begin with.

That out of the way we started the theory lessons, talking about when and how to use the reserve, collapses and pitch control, then practicing the exercises on the simulator before the first round of flights and then wrapping up the day with a final theory session.

Next morning, we had two flights. Frontal and asymmetric collapses with using speed bar, pitch control and B riser stalls, as a common mistake some of the pilots over controlled the gliders by braking at the wrong time, but this is the whole point of doing a course like this, finding that sweet spot in order to comfortably control it in real flight.

Third and last day, yet again optimal weather conditions reason why we offer these courses in the south of Spain, the weather is good all year round. Last two rounds, we practiced the spirals and anti-collision manoeuvre on both sides.

All in all it was yet another successful course , where each pilot improved their flying techniques, learned how to avoid common mistakes and simply put when and how to correctly use their brakes.

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